The Region—Languedoc


You will be able to experience living as a French family. The village is completely off the main road, boasting a medieval section and an old Abbey Church from the ninth century.

The house is built of stone and dates in part from the early 1400s. It has 3 floors renovated with tiles, white plaster walls and all the conveniences of a modern North American or European home including two bathrooms and a "powder room".

You will be staying in the pleasant village of Caunes Minervois, in Languedoc-Roussillon. The countryside is almost totally given over to vineyards. Caunes-Minervois is at the north end of the coastal plain, 50 minutes by car from the Mediterranean. The local vista varies from that of the 14th to the 20th centuries - always interesting. Only 5 minutes to the north are the spectacular mountains and gorges of Haut Languedoc.


Wherever you go in Languedoc you are never far from the vineyards. Leaving Toulouse on the autoroute moving southeast towards Carcassonne, you are buoyed on a sea of vines. Wines and olives are the main crops in this part of France. Forty per cent of France's wines come from here. Year round temperatures here are the highest in France and rainfall is scant. Excellent reds can be found in Corbieres and l'Herault. White wines are made all over the region. The wine of choice in the south of France, however, is Rosé. They produce many varieties. Ummm