About me

About Me

  • I am a single, retired teacher who organizes these trips every year. I share my space, my knowledge and my skills in order to be able to spend a few weeks in France every year.
  • I enjoy showing guests around this wonderful region. New eyes mean new insights for me and take me places I may never have gone before.
  • I will let you decide on your own programme and activity level. There are no laid on tours or expectations. Sleep in, enjoy the village, wander in the vineyards, go for a hike up to the marble quarry. It's your time. On the other hand, run me ragged with visits and excursions. I will be happy just being there.
  • I speak pretty good French. I know the local sights. I love to cook, especially with local products. I also love to visit new found restaurants and revisit some of my old favourites. You absolutely shouldn't miss a 'cassoulet' lunch at least one day.
  • I have visited most of the Languedoc-Roussillon region from the Pyrénées to the Rhône river and even a little further. What would you like to see?
  • I know my way around the country so I rarely need a map to navigate. I prefer back roads to highways. I'll stop for pictures almost anywhere.
  • I have lived in France over the years for a total of about eight years. I have lived in this region, somewhere, for over a total of 2 years starting in 2000. I always stay for at least one month every year, often much more.
  • Many people have returned numerous years to see more. You may, too.
  • I am based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Join me. I love company!