Discussions are already in the works for 2019. We're looking at two current ideas. Overall, a month may be just the right amount of time. Many places have discounts for staying at least one month. With added interest, we are not strictly opposed to adding more time. The car rental gets cheaper after the first 21 days. The time frame would be late summer, at the end of the basic French holiday period during the first three weeks of August.

First, there is interest in spending time in the north of France and perhaps in Belgium. This would allow us to visit Vimy and many other WWI sites as well as historic and beautiful towns in both countries. This could also lead to time in Paris or Alsace.

Or, we could have a lazy time in our usual destination in Caunes-Minervois.

In any case, if you want to travel with us, you are not required to spend the whole four weeks. Come for just a week or two.

Whatever your travel preferences, use the e-mail button at left to let me know what weeks interest you. I always encourage my visitors to plan to add one extra week, at least. In general, the longer you stay there, the cheaper your total cost of travel becomes since one of your major costs, airfare, is amortized over more days. Most visitors also discover that it is cheaper to live in France than at home. It's always a surprise. I look forward to hearing from you.


  • use of kitchen or joining in group meals
  • full use of all common space in the house
  • use of laundry
  • a bilingual host/guide with vehicle for day trips and sightseeing (guests pay fuel costs). Diesel was approximately 1€40/litre in Summer 2008. My Renault had excellent fuel economy at 6.5l/100km.
  • collection at nearest transit point (airport or train station) if necessary and requested