sunflowerThe Cost

The cost of the house per week is nominally $550US. The cost to individuals will be that price divided by the number of people from week to week. There are three bedrooms and places to sleep for up to seven people: one king bed, one double bed and two single beds + a daybed in the livingroom.

Besides the sleeping arrangements themselves, there are several other cost that people in the house will share. For in-house meals, we usually run a kitty to which everyone contributes for breakfasts, lunch supplies (since we picnic regularly in interesting places), and dinner if we decided to eat at home. There is the cost of a car for our use. Once the car has been selected, depending on the number of people to transport, I calculate the daily cost for each individual's stay. Plus, of course, there is the cost of fuel. Sometimes we take it out of the kitty; sometimes, we do a whip-around; sometimes, we just take turns.

Included in your costs are: